/* Enter Your Custom CSS Here */ /*Remove meta information, such as author/date posted/views, from posts*/ .meta { display: none; } /*Remove social share at the bottom of posts*/ .share { display: none !important; } /*Remove posts from Home page*/ .latest-post { display: none !important; } /*Remove Bold Font/Weight From Gravity Form Titles*/ body .gform_wrapper .gfield_label { font-weight: normal !important; font-size: small !important; } /*Will Place the label on the left and input box on the right, with adequate spacing between the label and input box, if you also add "left_label" css to a text field entry such as a "single line text" or "paragraph" text form entry*/ .gform_wrapper .left_label .gfield_label { width:430px; line-height: 48px; clear:left; text-align:left; padding-right:0px; float: left !important; }